Summer Bucketlist & Music Playlist

Music is the universal language to all humans, no matter what race, age, gender, or culture. It is not just heard through your ears, but it is also felt by your heart, and into the soul.

Music is a way of connecting with the world. It links your soul to the universe, and through it, you experience the world. Music is food for the soul.

Music is what feeling and emotions sound like. It is a reflection of what a person goes through in their life.

As you can already tell, I am a huge music appreciator. Stumbling over a random song that turns out to be amazing is one of the best feelings in the world to me! The only problem with finding good new music is it could take me a handful of mediocre songs to finally find one that really speaks to me. That’s why I love websites/apps that can let me listen to songs based on other songs I like, time of day, mood, and more! It’s much easier to find new songs like this, because the music is organized into categories which I can pick, depending on what I feel like listening to. For me, I usually like to use Spotify, but I find that Songza is the best at organizing music.

Another one of my favorite things is summer! Summer is like freedom to me. (Freedom from school, that is.) I am able to do what I want with fewer restrictions, because I don’t have to worry about school. For this blog post, I wanted to combine two of my favorite things, so I sort of killed two birds with one stone. This list I created can work as a short summer bucket list, but it can also act as a summertime playlist! I hope you enjoy! 🙂

So here’s the summer music playlist, curated by me!

Disclaimer: Some of these songs might not fit the categories, but I did my best! Also, I’m not sure if all the genres are right! I did this based on my own knowledge & listening to the different genres on this nifty website: Every Noise at Once. That’s all 🙂 ENJOY!!

1. Being Lazy


  • Arctic Monkeys – Mad Sounds

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

My Thoughts: Fantastically slow and appealing to the ear!


2. Relaxing at the Beach02

  • Summer Heart – I Wanted You To Stay

Genre: Chillwave, Dream-Pop

My Thoughts: I really love this song because of how mellow it is. It is extremely relaxing to me.

3. Stargazing 03

  • Panic! at the Disco – Always

Genre: Chamber Pop

My Thoughts: Really mellow and dreamy so it fits the mood. Definitely works for cloud watching as well!

  • Hayden – Oh Memory

Genre: Folk Rock

My Thoughts: Very light, airy, easygoing song.

  • Gem Club – Twins

Genre: Ambient Pop

My Thoughts: Very atmospheric and emotional.

  • Pascal Pinon – When I Can’t Sleep

Genre: Indie Folk, Indie Pop

My Thoughts:


4. Being in a 1950’s Greasers Rock&Roll Kind of Mood 04

  •  The Smith Westerns – Tonight

Genre: Garage Rock

My Thoughts: LOVE LOVE LOVE this track. It was on the soundtrack of the short film “The Ghosts” (which I reviewed on this blog!!!!) and I immediately fell in love!


5. House Parties 05

  •  Seven Lions, Myon and Shane 54 – Strangers (Radio Edit)

Genre: Trance, House

My Thoughts: CATCHY

  • Cash Cash – Overtime (Vicetone Remix)

Genre: Trance, Electro House

My Thoughts: ALSO CATCHY

  • David Guetta and Showtek – Bad ft. Vassy

Genre: Trance, House

My Thoughts: CATCHY AS WELL!!!!


6. Fruit Picking 06

  • Air Review – Young

Genre: Folk Rock

My Thoughts: Upbeat and extremely happy! 🙂

  •  Noah and the Whale – 5 Years Time

Genre: Indie Folk, Folk Pop

My Thoughts: Also a really happy song!


7. Summer Love 07

  • Wild Belle – I’m In Love

Genre: Indie Pop with Reggae Rock (It’s beautiful FYI ❤ all of their music!)

My Thoughts: The first time I heard this, I think I actually fell in love. It was the first song I heard from Wild Belle and now, they’re one of my absolute FAVORITE artists!

  • Wild Belle – Backslider

Genre: Indie Pop with Reggae Rock influences

My Thoughts: (Not trying to be pessimisstic! I just love Wild Belle a lot ❤ ❤ <3) For heartbreaks



  •  Flight Facilities – Crave You ft. Giselle

Genre: Nu-Disco (fancy word for indie dance), Dance-Pop, House

My Thoughts: My best friend showed me this song and I fell in love with it. It’s very

  • Zak Waters – Runnin Around

Genre: Zak Waters describes it as “Neo-Funk-Pop” and it really is!

My Thoughts: Penelope is also a great song by Zak Waters. That’s how I found the band, and they didn’t disappoint me with their other tracks. If you like this song, Zak Waters’s other songs are very consistent with sound.

9. Doing DIY Projects 09

  •  Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am

Genre: Indie Pop, Folk Pop, Indie Singer/Songwriter

My Thoughts: Very sweet song!

  • Meiko – Stuck on You

Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Singer/Songwriter

My Thoughts: This song actually makes me want to get up and dance. It’s so cheery and happy!


10. Watching Clouds 010

  •  Norah Jones – Shoot the Moon

Genre: Jazz Pop, Vocal Jazz

My Thoughts: Soooo nostalgic b/c my dad & aunt always listened to her and I ended up loving her as well. Her music is VERY easy-going.


11. Eating Popsicles 011

  •  Electric Guest – Waves

Genre: Indie Pop with a bit of Neo-Soul

My Thoughts: I discovered them b/c of the song “This Head I Hold” (also by them) and I loved it! This song is really upbeat and catchy.
PS. I added “This Head I Hold” to “Water Balloon Fights”


12. Water Balloon Fights 012

  •    Electric Guest – This Head I Hold

Genre: Indie Pop with a bit of Neo-Soul

My Thoughts: I can actually imagine this being in a movie, where two people are chasing each other around for fun.


13. Playing Board Games 013

  •    Magic Man – Paris

Genre: Indie Pop

My Thoughts: This was my song last year. I listened to it non-stop. It’s amazinggg. There’s a feel to it that I just really love.


14. Carnivals/Fairs/Theme Parks 014

  • Hunter Hunted – End of the World

Genre: Indie Pop

My Thoughts: I really liked Lady Danville (their original band name which was later changed to honor one of the members who left). After the break-up, the music was a little more “pop” and upbeat

  • Funeral Suits – All Those Friendly People

Genre: Neo-Pyschedelic

My Thoughts: The intro reminds me of a fair or going on a roller coaster for some reason so I added it 🙂

  • Phoenix – Entertainment

Genre: Indie Pop, Synth Pop

My Thoughts: Very catchy!

  • Grouplove – Tongue Tied

Genre: Indie Pop, Indie Rock

My Thoughts: I LOVE THIS BAND ❤ They never disappoint! All of their music is very consistent, so if you like this track, you’ll like their others!


15. ROADTRIPS! 015

  • The Mowgli’s – San Francisco

Genre: Indie Pop

My Thoughts: A light and happy and very catchy song.

  • NONONO – Pumpin Blood

Genre: Indie Pop

My Thoughts: I find this song very motivational! To me, I think it’s telling me to remember that I’m alive and well! Be thankful and happy! WARNING: This song is very happy and catchy


16. Bowling 016

  • Fitz and the Tantrums – Out of my League

Genre: Indie Pop/Rock and New Wave

My Thoughts: I love how it has a kinda 80’s feeling to it!


17. Fourth of July 017

  • Gold Motel – Fireworks After Midnight

Genre: Indie Pop

My Thoughts: It’s even stated in the title and song lyrics!!!


18. Building Forts 018

  • Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

Genre: Pop Rock, Soft Rock

My Thought: OHHHH GOSH THE NOSTALGIA IS OVERWHELMING. This was actually one of my favorite songs as a little girl! My dad loved this song and so did I 🙂

  • Cider Sky – We Are In Love

Genre: Dreamy Indie Pop

My Thoughts: This song is so dream-like. It’s very easygoing. Works for stargazing!!


19. Bonfires 019

  • Norah Jones – Come Away with Me

Genre: Jazz Pop, Vocal Jazz

My Thoughts: I recently had a bonfire with my family and we listened to Norah Jones when it started getting dark, so it was extremely relaxing

  • Norah Jones – The Painter Song

Genre: Jazz Pop, Vocal Jazz


20. Picnics 020

  • Jack Johnson – Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Genre: Folk Pop, Acoustic Rock

My Thoughts: Good songs don’t have an expiration date. #quote of this post


21. Eating Junk Food 021

  • Grouplove – Let Me In

Genre: Indie Pop

My Thoughts: Get it? The food is saying “let me in” to you!!! Haha okay never mind that was bad. But the song is amazing!!! 🙂


That’s all I have for the list for now, but I hope you liked it! Some lists aren’t as great as others, because it’s really hard to find some songs for the categories 😦

All-in-all, the point of making this blog post was so (one) I could organize some of my favorite songs, (two) show how diverse and beautiful music is, and (three) remind myself and others to ENJOY THE SUMMER!

Summer is only about 3 months compared to the rest of the year which is spent in school. It’s meant to be a relaxing time, not something to be stressed over. Save that for the school year! This summer, try to be more active and participate in more events in the community (volunteering, etc.), instead of locking yourself in your room to study*! This is a time for you to enjoy yourself. Just remember to take it easy and savor the memories.

SO GO AND HAVE A FANTASTIC SUMMER, Y’ALL! Thank you so much for keeping up! It was a blast running this blog, even though I was terrible at updating it 🙂 BYE!

*I’m not saying don’t study at all. It’s more like manage your time more wisely so that you’re not constantly studying.




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