Solutions Outside of the Box — Literally

Oh, goody! I love watching animated versions of folk stories I hear! This is the one (don’t worry, I won’t give it away!) about the farming father and his son from prison!

In the beginning of this film, an old farmer sends a letter to his son, who is currently serving time in prison. The letter is a flashback to when the son still lived on the farm… Before the son was sent to jail, he would always help his father sow the crops for the strawberries. Now that he was gone, however, he could not help his elderly father anymore. The son walks to his jail cell window, and sees his father moping around on the farm, since he is too weak to work.

Saddened, the son must come up with a solution to help his father. He decides to write a letter back! Before he can send it, however, it must be read by the prison administrators. Every single one who reads it gasps aloud. I wonder what could be so horrifying! Anyway, the message gets delivered, and the father’s eyes widen more and more as he continues reading the letter.

The son wrote that the reason he got sent to jail, was because he buried the murder weapon, a gun, in the ground, the skeletons of a person in a hole nearby, and finally the skull as well. As shocked as the police are when they read the letter, the old man stands back, while investigators come and dig up the whole area. Soon, the old man realizes that the son never buried anything in the ground! He made the story up so that he could help his father from prison! How sweet!

I really enjoyed this film because of the unique use of paper. It was really delicate and I just loved the effect it gave the whole film! I also really liked this video because it was a folk story that I’d really admired when I heard it before as a child. I always love stories where wisdom and creativity are used, because sometimes, it’s so mind-blowingly simple yet effective! It just makes me think, “wow, why couldn’t I think of that?!” This was the effect the story had on me (ever since I was little!) In the beginning of the film, I didn’t even remember any of it until a little before the connection finally clicked in the father’s head. This story reminded me of the Biblical story about King Solomon and the baby, and how he used his wisdom to come up with an answer. That also reminds me of how authors always use allusions in their books.


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