Everyone must feel it at one point, especially if no one particularly understands your needs. Loneliness is such a horrible feeling….

In this video, a lonely robot called Bibo starts his day off by rolling his icecream stand to its usual spot. He stands there, but there seems to be no civilization whatsoever. Bibo stares at the clock and begins to daydream. In this daydream, it is sunny and bright, and laughing children are running to his cart, buying cone after cone. Soon though, Bibo snaps back to reality and ends his workday. He locks up his icecream cart and falls asleep next to the fireplace.

The next morning, Bibo wakes up, and again, goes to his designated location. As soon as the clock strikes 8, however, he starts hallucinating. There is an extremely creepy little girl standing alone in the sun. Bibo then goes home, and begins working on a project. It is later shown that he was building that little girl/robot thing showed earlier, based on a real human girl he once knew. Everyday after that, he goes to work as usual, and it is shown that his town was just a small fragment of what used to be a great city. He was the only thing left in the destroyed place.

This film was honestly very depressing. I felt really sad through the whole thing, and felt so bad for poor Bibo! It must be so horrible to be in a world without civilization. This film reminded me (again) of the writing prompt I did in my English class today. Sometimes, I feel like my family doesn’t understand me and it makes me feel a little lonely. Again, communication is essential in life, and it’s interesting, because socializing is actually a “need” for all creatures. Isolation can have many different effects on people, and it is definitely shown through this robot!



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