Holy Guacamole!

I know, I know . You’re probably thinking, “Wait, this girl hasn’t posted for more than a month! Why start now?”

My answer: I’m an awful human being who doesn’t plan things out. (aka a student)


Haha, anyway, for my first post, I wanted to start off with a “cooking” video blogged about by Viralnews4u! Enjoy. 🙂

Oh, gwockomoly guacamole. How I love you so!


In the beginning of this video, a person takes a grenade out of a bowl, (a grenade? YES, a grenade!) and slices it in half. It turns out to be an avocado. He/She places the contents in a bowl. Next, the person takes an old baseball and peels off the outside to reveal a bright, new baseball underneath. He then chops it into fine pieces, until they become dice. Weird right? This represents the onion. The rest of the video continues on with the person making the guacamole. These are the items he uses: a grenade as the avocado; a dirty and a new baseball, and standard white and smaller white dice as the onion; a tomato pincushion and standard red dice as the tomato; a green golf ball as the lime; a green lightbulb and small green houses as the jalapeno; a black bishop chess piece and a white queen chess piece as the salt and pepper; and finally, poker chips as the chips!

This video was so uniquely weird yet wonderful, and I really enjoyed the little twists in it. It reminded me of how authors always use different symbols in their writing to represent different things, and how they always write plot twists! I really recommend this video, because it literally is a short film at only 1:41 minutes long!





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