Awkwardness After The Purge

Second post! Woohoo! I actually want to dedicate this to Jennifer, who watched The Purge with me last summer. 🙂

*Note!: For anyone who hasn’t seen the purge, here is the synopsis! The video actually lightly explains the backstory in the beginning, but this is for anyone curious 🙂

Ahhh, the infamous blame game. Everyone knows it. Everyone plays it. You think you got someone cornered and guilty of a wrongdoing, when BAM! It was actually someone else who did it, and you look like a fool, after insisting that it was the other person.

In this film, a man named Dan walks in with a wheelbarrow and begins gardening at his workplace. Meanwhile, two other coworkers are at another plant. One, another man named Elmer, is furiously and continuously spraying the plants, clearly uneasy about something (I thought it was hilarious how dramatic he was with his spraying!), while the other, a woman named De’Shondranique, was diligently working on her plant. Seeing his uneasiness, De’Shondranique turns and questions about it. It’s about the purge last night.. Awkward!

Unfortunately for him, his grandmother and daughter were both killed during the annual massacre. He angrily confronts Dan about it, and blames it all on him. -shots have been fired!- Dan claims that he didn’t do anything and acts very suspicious. Then, Elmer pulls out a tablet and shows him his security tape from the night before. It’s Dan saying he was going to murder him! Okay, now this is getting out of hand, because Dan denies that it is even him. Like seriously, can you please just admit it was you? That’s hard proof!

Anyway, Elmer calls De’Shondranique over to ask if it really is Dan… and she says no! Elmer gets more and more worked up, and after the little dilemma over who is and who isn’t boss, we can start to see his true self. The crazy Elmer! After everything, it turns out that… De’Shondranique was the one who murdered Elmer’s family! That’s when he breaks down and asks them why they did it, even if they were friends! And this is where it gets funny. De’Shondranique gets super sassy and both she and Dan admit how much of a butt Elmer is. He gets mad and shoves a stick in De’Shondranique’s wheelchair, and pulls out a water gun (that’s supposed to represent a real gun). Dan and De’Shondranique try to calm Elmer down saying he needs to wait 364 days until the next purge, and then he decides to shoot De’Shondranique. Okay, honestly, I laughed so hard at this next part… but De’Shondranique RUNS out of her wheelchair! I don’t even know why I thought it was so hilarious.

This film was actually really enjoyable, because it was such a funny counterpart to the Purge. The “blame game” aspect of it was really relatable because that’s a problem I have in my own family. In English today, we actually wrote about things we hate about our families, schools, and lives, and how we were going to change them. It’s funny because I actually wrote about how I wanted better communication in everything! Arguments always happen when things are disagreed on, so one way to avoid confusion and hurt that might result is to express your feelings and communicate better!



2 thoughts on “Awkwardness After The Purge

  1. this was pretty cool, definitely a very good idea, please make more. Acting wasn’t great and it could use a revision on it’s writing but overall it was enjoyable.

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