Greasers are hot!

Have you ever read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton? Well if you have and you loved it, this film is for you! I’m super super super super SUPER excited to be posting this film because it is my absolute FAVORITE short of all time. I’ve watched it about 6 times.. 7, now (even though I’ve memorized everything that happens!)… 🙂 Anyway, enjoy! ♥

The video starts off with a girl, telling the story about a little town she used to live in. It was slow and stupid, and all she wanted was something to make it worth living in. It definitely wasn’t her jerk ex-boyfriend, Chad! Something, however, soon changes it all. In a junkyard, somewhere, a bunch of zombies pop up out of the ground… except they’re not zombies — they’re super hot guys in a gang called the Ghosts! They claimed to be from the past, ready to skip town ASAP, until Frank, the cutest, toughest, and handsomest of all laid eyes on Kathy. -Cue romance  The Ghosts then decide to enroll in high school, where they became subject to all of the girls’ fantasies and all of the boys envy! Not soon after, a bunch of copycat gangs started forming, the worst being Chad’s group, the Protectors. So far, it seems that everyone in the town hates the Ghosts, including Kathy’s dad who warns her not to be around them. One night, against her Father’s warnings, Kathy sneaks out with Frank, who takes her out on the cutest, most romantic date ever. They drive to the lookout point in town to just talk and stargaze. Soon, Frank leans in and kisses Kathy. (This is the cutest part in the whole film, so if you don’t want to watch the whole film, at least watch 3:28 – 5:00!!!). Later on, Chad, the super crazy ex-boyfriend finds out about the kiss, and gets extremely jealous. He slashes Frank’s car tires and beats up one of the other Ghosts. Chad even has the audacity to try to get Kathy to join the Protectors. It’s okay though, because she’s already found true love, and nothing can stop her from being with Frank. ♥ After work, one day, Kathy is surrounded by Chad and his gang in an alley behind her workplace. He calls her names, tries to kiss her, and when she fights back, he even slaps her. (I really hate him.) To get back at her for rejecting him, Chad puts his stalker photos of her and Frank up in a slideshow at a PTA meeting, for the whole town to see the scandalous relationship. It’s even worse, because Kathy’s father was there too, and saw the pictures. Sixteen minutes later, the Ghosts break into one of the Protectors’ house to ask for Chad’s whereabouts, so they could get their revenge. He doesn’t give in, but they somehow find out, and meet Chad at a drive-in to confront him. This is where it gets intense!!! The Protectors are already waiting in the lot, and when the Ghosts arrive, they get out of their car to face their opponents. Although not shown to the Ghosts, Chad has a gun (dramatic irony!!! I guess I did take something from English! 🙂 ). He then walks up to Frank, all cocky, and all of sudden, BAM! BAM! BAM! He shoots Frank three times. NOOOOO! Somehow, (probably because he’s a zombie???) he fights back, and knocks Chad out… and then turns around to see that KATHY’S DAD AND THE WHOLE TOWN ARRIVED! They finally found Frank with some blood on his hands. Kathy then picks up one of the guns from the ground, and points it at the crowd, specifically her father, so that Frank and the other Ghosts could escape. Before he turns to leave, however, Frank whispers to Kathy, “See you around, craz.” (refer back to the stargazing scene!) I almost died at that scene. Kathy and Frank BELONG together!! Anyway, the Ghosts run back to the junkyard, and disappear forever. Soon, the whole town is back to its slow self. This film is honestly SO magical. Everything was perfect and it brought me back to a completely different era. I kinda wish I was born then, but I like my phone, and I like my computer. 😉 Anyway, the music was definitely key in this film, and the whole story was wonderful. Overall, it was a 10/10! My favorite part of this film was definitely that stargazing scene, and after watching it for like the 7th time, it reminded me of a talk my English teacher gave my class about Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is not supposed to be a day where you spend a load of money on something like a diamond, but a day where you can have a fun time with someone special, doing something meaningful. Just like stargazing! 🙂 I hope everyone enjoyed this film, and have a great Valentine’s Day on Friday!!! 🙂 -Dorothy


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