Paper Carousels — Cute and Insightful on Life!

“Every second is a chance to turn your life around.”

Life is a beautiful, beautiful thing. Think about it — what are the chances of you being you? (Hint: It’s a really small number!) Why waste time sitting around and feeling bad about yourself instead of helping the world be a better place? Life is an ongoing circle of mistakes, hopes, and most importantly, accomplishments.

In this video, a girl is shown cutting a piece of paper into the shape of a horse — the pretty kind that you typically see in a carousel, and what do you know! She attaches it to a paper carousel, just as we foreshadowed. 🙂 As she finishes her project, the girl gets up to put the craft away, and we can see that she’s made many more that are exactly the same. There’s one, however, bigger and much more intricate than the usual, set up right in the middle of the room.

As the girl leaves the room, a spotlight is suddenly shone onto the intricate carousel, and the camera zooms in. Suddenly, it starts spinning, which is incredible, as it’s only made of paper! Soon, the horses look like they’re galloping too! This goes on for a bit, until the end, when the carousel simply slows to a stop.

Although not a long film with a huge plot, I think this video carried out a great message about life. How I interpreted it was that life is a delicate and unique blessing to every living creature, and we should learn to appreciate even the most simple things. Another thing I noticed was that the director made the carousels out of paper. I think the reason was to show that even the most simple things could create something magical. What’s magical in your world, and what are you thankful for?



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