The Cicada Princess

Who’s your favorite princess? Maybe some of the classicals like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty (my personal favorite!), or Cinderella? Perhaps, a newer princess like Rapunzel, Tiana, or the two from Frozen (I still need to watch it!!!)? …. Or maybe even the Cicada Princess?

In this short, the narrator starts off explaining the life of a cicada, a winged insect. He explains that for sixteen years, they stay underground, and for two nights, they come out and get wings “like [little] Cinderellas.” During those two nights (out of their entire lifetime!), they go out to find a mate. In just two nights!! Imagine if we humans had only two nights to find our partners or even purposes in life! The pressure would load on a tremendous amount of stress!

As the cicadas flock to the ball-like event, some of their thoughts are heard echoing throughout the crowd. “Can you be my cicada prince?” “Could you be my cicada queen?”

“I’m going to die alone, a cicada.”

How sad is that! Don’t cry little one! You’ll find the one in that ball!! Plenty of fish in the sea cicadas at the ball!

Later during the ball, little cicada couples are shown dancing in the moonlight, and until dusk. AWWW! How creepily romantic!! But, of course, they followed it up by showing the lonely cicadas afterwards. 😦 To make it worse, in the next scene, we find that if they didn’t find mates, they shrivelled up and died!

One of the cicadas, however, is particularly interesting. It is one that died with a smile on its face. The narrator states that

“In its insect pockets were “two tickets to the ball, a check-list, a shiny string, and a tiny glass slipper, fit for a cicada princess.”

By now, my emotions have gone crazy. HOW DO YOU JUST FEEL SO SAD FROM A MOVIE ABOUT LITTLE BUGS?! It’s not even an “I’m so disgusted it makes me feel sad” kind of sad, but rather a “I feel so alone” sad.

Personally, bugs really bug bother me, but the little puppets used in this film were so irresistibly adorable! Anyway, I didn’t expect to like this film as much as I did, and I think the abrupt ending made the film even more perfect. I wanted it to continue, but leaving it on a sad note made me really think about a lot of things, but mainly contentment and hope. The two biggest features shown in that smiling cicada.

I thought that the smiling cicada was a really inspirational character(?) because he had so much hope. In the beginning of the film, the narrator (whose voice is really, really, magical, by the way!), said that the cicadas, on those two nights, would line up and willingly go to the cicada ball to find a partner, even with the knowledge that they might not find a partner and would die the next day. That’s exactly what Mr. Smiley (that’s what I’ll be calling the cicada, I guess! 🙂 ) did. He went to the ball confident that he was going to find a cicada princess, even if maybe deep inside he knew it was only a tiny sliver of chance. When his time did come though, he smiled. He was happy — content. At least he tried right? He lived a good 16 years underground. He had a great life. But perhaps Mr. Smiley die thinking that he was going to fall into a deep slumber and dream that he did find a Cicada Princess.

This film was truly beautiful. It was so delicate and precious, it almost brought me to tears, and I’m not one to cry for movies or books! I honestly don’t know what to say about this film, because the music was perfect, the puppets were perfect, and even the narrator’s voice made it so perfect! I’d have to say this film was completely captivating, magical, whimsical, and charming. Two thumbs up! 🙂

I hope everyone finds their cicada princes/princesses! ♥



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