Winter Doesn’t Exist in California

*NOTE!: Oh no! This post never published 😦 But here you go anyway 🙂

It’s winter, January 17th, and I’m wearing shorts… No, I didn’t say that wrong — I am wearing shorts, In fact, I’m also wearing a short sleeved t-shirt and flats. Winter does not exist in California.

In the video, a little boy is rolling a snowball through the snow. He spots a bigger one already set in place, and excitedly throws his snowball on top of the one already there, and runs to get snowman supplies. In his absense, the big snowball twitches! Soon, the boy comes back with a bucket of sticks, coal, and a carrot, and begins sticking the objects on to make his perfect snowman. Trouble arises, however, when the arms don’t stick. It is soon revealed that the big snowball was in fact, a polar bear! Startled and terrified, the boy hides in his bucket, but the bear is friendly! They cuddle and that’s the end! 🙂

This video was so simple and charming, I loved every second of it! The artist did a really wonderful job creating the whim of a boy on a winter morning. Not that I know anything about winter and snow… It doesn’t exist here in California!



4 thoughts on “Winter Doesn’t Exist in California

    • ME NEITHER! I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I feel soooo left out whenever people sing the songs or talk about how cute it is… And yes! Of course I’ll build a snowman with you. 🙂 We just need to find snow… Anyway, thanks for the comment!


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