Dark Comedy

Laughing is something that everyone enjoys doing. But… what is it really? Why do things make us laugh?

Humor. Humor is what makes us laugh. As humans, we find things funny because often in humor, when we expect one thing to happen, the unexpected happens. It’s the expectation and anticipation of one outcome that distracts us so much that when the complete opposite of the expected happens, we’re caught of guard… and it’s funny. The surprise is what makes something funny.

Humor is also a way to accept mistakes. Let’s say someone dropped a clean, crisp, and new dollar bill down a drain. A way to accept the mistake while using humor at the same time, is to think “at least I didn’t drop a Benjamin!”

In this short, a boy’s dark humor is used to relieve some pain from the loss of his family.

*Note!: There are some mildly inappropriate scenes.

In the video, a boy (with a voice that is quite mature for however old he’s supposed to be!), talks about the deaths of his family. He uses unexpected humor for his own comic relief. In the beginning, he says that Brother is dead… but it won’t be so bad with his toys! He goes on, talking about his view towards the deaths of his sister, parents, grandparents, etc. It is quite funny though, how in humor, everything is based off of opposites or contradictions. It’s exactly how this film was handled. A humorous story about death and loss? How?! (That was sarcasm, another form of humor.) The artist even uses vibrant and bold colors instead of dark and gloomy ones! Although dark humor is not my favorite type of humor, this film was actually quite enjoyable to me.



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