Teen Wolf Craze!

Don’t worry! I’m not one of those obsessive fans! 🙂 I just thought it would be fun to post something up since the premiere of Teen Wolf’s Season 3B is coming out today (it’s actually airing right now, as I’m typing!! Too bad I can’t watch it. 😦 ) 

I’ve been a fan of Teen Wolf since this summer when my best friend first introduced me (thank you Priscilla!), and I finished two seasons to catch up just in time to watch season 3A when it started. After it ended, however I kind of just ignored it… Until yesterday, when I finally watched the trailer! In this season, a new student is introduced to Beacon Hills. When I saw her, she looked so familiar, it was really frustrating when I couldn’t seem to remember where she was from or who she even was.

I ended up Googling the new cast and discovered the actress — Arden Cho. The name was not familiar at all, but after stalking the IMDb page, I found out that she starred in a short film, which was directed by a YouTube channel called WongFuProductions, along with famous YouTuber, Ryan Higa. Bingo! I remember when the film first came out in 2010 but I never watched it because I was too intimidated by the 35:01 minutes of it. Ain’t nobody got time for that! I actually ended up watching it about a week before I saw the Teen Wolf trailer, so that’s how I recognized Arden.

The film is about a boy named Aden (Ryan) who was so busy training to be a secret agent since he was young, that he never developed any social skills. When he’s assigned the task of protecting a specific girl at school named Taylor (Arden) from danger, she tells him that there’s nothing to worry about, and ends up befriending him and teaching him social skills. Of course, they develop feelings for each other. In the end, she does get kidnapped, and Aden rescues her. Happily ever after!

In four words, this film was awkwardly adorable and really funny (of course, I mean, it’s Ryan!). It was one of those “coming of age” movies, and I think the cast did a really great job creating the plot and acting it out. I’ll admit that it was a little long, but it was definitely worth it! I’m really excited to see how Arden will be in Teen Wolf this season!

PS. Sorry the title was a little deceiving. Hey, at least I had a little bit about Teen Wolf! 🙂



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