*NOTE: I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry I couldn’t update during the winter break! 😦 I was really busy spending time with all of my family (and I have a huge family!). I did watch some short films that I’ll write about though! Anyway, I had 2 really wonderful last weeks of 2013 and a great start to a new year! I hope everyone did as well. 🙂 - Shia Labeouf

Okay… how do I start this…

I don’t know how popular it became, but actor Shia Labeouf just released a new 11-minute film called My reaction when I found out was “oh, how cool! I love how he’s making movies now!” because it’s always so cool to see actors create their own films instead of just acting all the time. Anyway, I watched the video and thought that it was okay, and moved onto the next, just minding my own business.

Then, recently when I watched Holes for a family movie night, I saw Shia and thought “woah, he was in this movie?!?! He was so tiny and cute!” and whipped out my trusty little smartphone to google his name. When the results popped up, I saw 10295326 articles titled “Shia LaBeouf plagiarizes cartoonist” or some other variation of that. It really surprised me because I just watched the film all the news people and bloggers were going crazy about, about a week or something before! It was really sad, because when I found the original comic and read it, I remembered every scene like it was in the movie. I hope in the future, when (or even if) LaBeouf decides to make any more movies, they won’t be plagiarized.

All-in-all, I won’t post the video up because I don’t think it’s appropriate to. I did find the film on YouTube, if anyone wanted to watch it. I also found the original comic which was posted on a tumblr page here →

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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