Pleasant Remembrances

Ahh, nostalgia! It’s a lovely thing isn’t it? I mean.. what isn’t great about reminiscing the “good old days”? Everyone definitely has something that brings them back to their childhood, be it a song, toy, or even just looking at their childhood homes on Google maps! Anyway, here’s the video.

A light is turned on, a step stool is placed in front of a mirror, and we, as the audience, step on the stool, only to see the mirror and realize that this video is actually in the point of view of a young boy! He starts brushing his teeth, when one of his teeth suddenly falls out into the drain. Desperately, he tries to retrieve the tooth, but does not succeed. (:( Aww!) When the boy looks up again, he’s slightly older. Yes, what you’re thinking is true — the boy tries for years to get his tooth out. What?! The tooth fairy pays a pretty decent amount of money for random white rocks under pillows, okay!! I’m just kidding. The point of this video was to show the boy aging in front of a mirror, through his childhood, adolescence or teen years, adulthood and middle ages, and finally, his elder years.

I really enjoyed this video because it showed the transitions between the different life stages. In the beginning, the man was just a boy brushing his teeth. Then, he got older and started washing his face. After, he started shaving, and so forth. The fact that it was all done in front of the same mirror was brilliant, because it really did show the process of aging — a circle of life that everyone goes through! That really helped me connect with the video, as I grew up in the same house, as well, and can recall some memories.

Even though this video was set in another person’s point of view, I couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic. Watching the character grow up helped me relate it to myself. Now that I think about it, I can remember several different times of my life looking into the bathroom mirror. I remember that once, when I was around 4, I would run a lap around the house to pick up a candy from my aunt, run back into the bathroom to watch myself chew (weird, right?!), then repeat the cycle, all while listening to pop songs (specifically Complicated by Avril Lavigne!) on the radio. Another time, when I was a little older, I watched myself blow gigantic bubbles with my bubble gum. I don’t know what it was about watching myself do weird things in front of a mirror! Oh man, then guess what phase was next? Yup, the Bloody Mary phase. I seriously could NOT go into the bathroom by myself without being terrified. I probably won’t be able to again, now, because I’m already thinking about it! Well, that’s just wonderful.

So I hope this post was a little interesting to read and brought back some of your own fond memories. It was definitely fun to write because “I mean.. what isn’t great about reminiscing the ‘good old days’?”


PS. Yes, I quoted myself.


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