Worse Than a Black Cat on Halloween

*NOTE: I was originally planning to post this on Halloween but I guess I’ll put it up today for all you Halloween freaks! 🙂

Hey everyone! Honestly, I am so excited for this post because I am so ready for Halloween already! Let’s start off with some pictures of cats because this is going to get crazy creepy! It’s probably best to ease you in before I take away all your happiness and replace it with nightmares.

Of course we have to start off with the infamous Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce)!

Then, there’s Lil’ Bub.

SNOOPY CAT!!! Need I say more?

Let’s not neglect the animated cats, now!

And finally, the creepy cats! Let’s start slow with a sweet, little black kitten… but I’m jumping in right away after this!


Silly Dorothy, that’s not scary at all! … Trust me, sweetie, it is.

Soooo, here’s the video that will haunt you for life.

WARNING: It’s creepy but I’m probably exaggerating (Yes, I am).

You made it out! How many times did you scream? Jump?? (I jumped four times, not that it’s important or anything).
Anyway, here’s the summary for all you people who didn’t watch it. It’s based on my memory because I am NOT watching that again… So the film starts off with an old man telling his companion about an urban legend occurring around the well they were standing next to. It was the place where “the boy” saw the “mysterious creature.” Wait, what?… Cue the flashback! So a boy is pulling a bucket out of a well, and you can see that there is a cat, instead of water, in the bucket. The cat jumps out and we see that it has hands… As you can tell, the depiction of this strange cat is anatomically incorrect (thank you, Captain Obvious). The cat proceeds to lick its fingers one-by-one as the intrigued (yet hideously creepy) boy watches. He extends his hand to pet the cat but retracts it when the cat suddenly catches an animal and eats it (*jumps). After its 3-second meal, the cat allows the boy to pet its fur. Everything is fine until the cat randomly grabs the boy’s wrist and (*jumps!!) eats the boys face off. In the next scene, you can see a faceless figure lying next to the boy…’s face on the cat with hands! The cat somehow transferred the poor boy’s face onto its own. Next, I believe the cat eats the boy’s body (*jumps). Finally, the flashback is over and the man explains to his friend that the cat continued to steal body parts from people, as if it wanted to be human itself. I honestly am way too freaked out to re-watch the video to see why the man neared his friend, but I think that he was telling the other man that the cat continued to wander around to steal human body parts, and that it had been doing so for so long that it even looks human now! By now, the old man is face-to-face with the young man and… they kiss? NO!!! THE YOUNG MAN IS EATING THE OLD MAN’S FACE — HE’S THE CAT!! HE’S THE CAT!!!! (*JUMPS AND RUNS TO MY MOM AND CRIES FOREVER). Okay, I was kidding about crying forever and all that but anyway, what actually happened was the young man, or should I say cat, stole the old man’s tongue. No wonder he never talked!! At the end of the video, we see the cat/man talking or singing to himself, proud of his new voice.

So throughout this post, I exaggerated just a little, but that video was seriously the freakiest thing I had EVER seen in my whole life, EVER!!! It was definitely very atmospheric, and there was so much tension. I was hanging onto every single word when I watched it. It definitely scared me and… don’t ask me how I’ve been sleeping. I actually really enjoyed a different taste of art, though, and loved how it felt like some kind of weird folk tale or Sleepy Hollow sort of thing. It was really creative, and I especially liked how Robert Morgan, the director, pieced his video together into a stop-motion. I would watch it again if it was less startling (even though I would know when something would happen) but I don’t have guts to do it.

Earlier this year in my English class, we did a creative warm up where we just wrote a bunch of “what if’s.” Watching this video, I came up with so many what if’s and other questions as well! Here goes…

What if everyone was once a cat who was successful in retrieving all body parts? What if the cat was real and wandering around somewhere in the world? What if our pet cats had the potential to do what the cat in the film did? What if you saw the cat right in front of you?

What happens after the cat gets all the body parts and is completely human? Why is the old man talking to a random stranger about the cat? How long did it take the cat to get as many parts as it did to look like the young man? When and why did it start collecting human body parts? Could you escape the cat?

There are many more questions I had, but I can’t remember them all, so this concludes my Halloween post! Have a great day, everyone… and remember….

Mother always said not to pet stray cats.



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