Love and Its Strange Ways

“Love is appreciating your differences as well as your similarities.” – Unknown

This week’s video starts off with a scene where children and adults are packed into a swimming pool. It’s hot and everyone is having fun playing and swimming in the water — except one spectator who is sitting in his 3495874-floor apartment longing to be down there with everyone else. He waits and waits, and finally, the pool closes. The man takes the elevator down and quietly sneaks down to the gated community pool. He hides in a bush where a bird is currently sleeping in, disturbing it. It starts to scream (yes, I mean scream. not screech or tweet, but scream) and the man quiets the loud bird by giving it a dollar which it ends up using as a blanket. He finally gets to the pool, and the gate is already opened. The man is confused because he saw the guard close it before he came, but due to his excitement, he brushes it off and jumps in the pool. Soon, he bumps into another person.. wait, what? Yup, turns out there’s another woman who’s already in there. They end up splashing each other, racing around, and even start synchronized swimming! Soon, they join together with a kiss… only to be busted by the pool manager! They climb out of the pool and the guard looks down and gasps. PLOT TWIST TIME! No, the couple aren’t pants-less… well they actually are! It turns out that the man is half-horse (a centaur) and the woman is a mermaid. Despite their differences though, they end up swimming together again.

I really enjoyed this film because the artwork was just AMAZING. I especially loved how the artist inverted dark and light colors, showing that it was night, but also for the unique and boldness. Although I would never have done the same thing as the couple did with another stranger (especially at night too!!) I thought the story line was very silly yet adorable. Oh, and can we just talk about that little bird?? Hands down, it was the best part (besides the surprise ending). I love how the man had to bribe the bird to quiet its beak by giving it money, but it was even funnier when it used the dollar bill as a blanket. Talk about cute!



3 thoughts on “Love and Its Strange Ways

  1. The bird was the best part of the clip! 🙂 For me this film was about how hard it is for people who are different from others (or who simply feel different from other people) to be in public or in a crowd. They feel uncomfortable, they fear other people will look at them funny, and prefer to be alone. Even though they want to enjoy a “normal” life, their difference keeps them from doing a lot of things. The film highlights two things: 1) there are other different people in this world and 2) there is someone who can be completely different from you but you can still connect. I agree, loved the inversion of color, and the music was great!

  2. Aw this video is so cute, it made me smile because I simply adore love stories. & talk about a plot twist! A mermaid & a centeaur both falling in love at a public pool.. who would’ve thought?

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