Karma Strikes Again!

Based on the title of this post, I don’t think anyone can really guess what the topic is about. 😉

So in the video last week, we saw the artist portray karma in a very raw way, packed with emotion and a whole story line.  Sort of like it was the “extreme” of karma. This week, karma strikes again (in a more realistic situation)!

The video starts with a man whose arms are full of groceries. He walks into the carpark looking for his car so he can load in his products and go home. He walks to the car, when suddenly, the dog in the neighbor car starts barking maniacally. Startled he drops his bags on the ground and angrily barks back at the dog, surprisingly scaring it too. The man continues to tease the dog, and at one point, he scares it so much that it jumps into the back seat. Clearly amused, he does a victory dance.. and that’s when the tables turn.

The dog discovers how to roll down the windows, much to the man’s dismay. He frantically tries to open his car door, but it just won’t open. Although he can’t see it, the audience can see that the man’s real car turns out to be in the previous row down the left two. When the dog almost squeezes through the window, the man proceeds to break the window and hijacks the car. He drives away but not before turning back to blow raspberries at the dog. It is then when we see an even larger dog in the back of the car, waking up and growling at him while he drives off. Upon seeing this, the original dog smiles a smug little smirk and the video ends.

I really liked the style and artwork of this video because it was very simple but still fit the personality of the video. It had a cute, modern touch to it and a fun and familiar vibe, perfectly matching the entertaining story. I definitely loved this video because I am a dog lover (it actually just so happens to be my dog’s birthday today too! the little brat is three now) and I can relate to the video. I have never left my dog alone in the car before, but I have seen other people do it and it’s annoying to me, because I hate seeing helpless dogs being trapped in a hot car, and the overall annoying dogs who bark nonstop. Sometimes, the dogs bark because they’re yearning for their masters, but sometimes, it’s just because they’re a little territorial too. I can definitely relate to this with my dog because he’s a tiny little girly breed but still pretends to act like a ferocious rottweiler or some other intimidating dog. The most accurate part about the video, however, was the evil little smirk on the dog’s face at the end. Every dog, even the angelic, obedient ones, are troublemakers and will make a face like that eventually in their lifetime.

I related this video to the stories of Oedipus by noticing the “karma” aspect. Let’s make an analogy, shall we? Oedipus is like the dog and his parents are like the man. When Oedipus’ parents didn’t immediately tell him about the prophecy and instead tried to protect him from it, it eventually came back and bit them in the butt anyway. That’s like when the man thought he was so clever breaking into the car, to escape one dog, when now, he has an even bigger problem. Karma always has a way of… whatever it does.



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