Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow”

Two weeks ago, Chipotle released a video to promote their marketing. The video features a dispirited scarecrow who lives in a dystopian world where an evil, mass-food producing corporation rules.

One day, after a typical day of work, the scarecrow comes home to his farm, the little patch of land that is the only organic plot left in humanity’s destroyed world (similar to the Lorax by Dr. Seuss). He notices a chili (Chipotle’s logo) and realizes that he does not need to continue his horrible job at the factory, when he could just create his own business! The scarecrow sets up a stand, shoos a crow away, and this is where the video ends – on a happy note rather than the slow, gloomy beginning.

When I first watched this video, it really captured me because it had a sort of eerie, haunting feeling, yet it was such a beautiful piece of art! It included a beautiful rendition of Pure Imagination (Gene Wilder) by Fiona Apple, which added an even more tremendous amount of feeling into the video. It gave a sense of nostalgia, and although I don’t think the point Chipotle intended to capture was spot-on, it was definitely a very unique, innovative way to advertise.



One thought on “Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow”

  1. I have never seen this Chipotle ad before! I agree with you: it is a bit eerie and depressing, especially for a food ad, and I’ve never viewed Chipotle is viewed as a “green” alternative food source. While the video was beautiful and memorable, I don’t think it works well to invite customers to eat at Chipotle (in fact, I think the eeriness of the video turns customers away from fast food in general). In any case, great analysis!

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